My baby is almost.....

Oh, I can hardly say it. But he is almost FOUR.


Where did the time go?!

His birthday is on the 21st. And because he is, still three and doesn't know one day from the other, we celebrated his special day on Saturday while his daddy was home from work. The good Lord worked it out that he was able to come home under a load for the weekend and all that our little muffin knows is that his daddy was home for his birthday.

It was a wonderful day!

He loved this moster truck.

And yummy pizza! Just ask big sister!

Some sugary beverages. Yep, sweet tea!

A few presents!

Some cake with a wish or two!

This muffin doesn't care whose birthday it is....she just wants to party!

He has his game face on! Just like his daddy, he is very competitive!

Yes! He hit the jackpot. And really, we all did! I am so very grateful for this sweet boy. And this great day had by all!


Outta the mouth of my babe...

Muffin #6 wanted lunch. Knowing that my mom was on her way home from a doctors appointment I had him call her. This is how it went down....

Muffin #6: "Dam (Gram), will you peease bwing me home a chicken nugget happy meal?"

Gram: "Is this bribery?"

Muffin #6: "Noooo, this is Ch****TH!!" (His name-kept private, sorry. But ending with a serious lisp.) And I think that lisp is the cutest thing ever. I might not in ten years, but it melts my heart these days! The best is hearing him say "crunchy taco"!!


Some hype.....

Thanks to MckMama, I have something to blog about!

Not that I have a completely boring and uneventful life, I just haven't been in the mood to poor out my heart. But like I said before, I still read my favorites. And MckMama is one of them! She loves Jesus, her husband, and her kids. She is also an amazing writer & photographer too! She has recently witnessed a miracle when The Lord healed her newborn son.

All that to say, she is having a 'Fryday Contest'.
And I am being obedient and doing as she says! (Surprised, I'm sure!) Well, I need a new header for my blog, so I wanna WIN! But go and check her out for yourself.

You will be blessed.


Fall blessings.

I have taken ANOTHER blog break.

I felt as though I needed to prioritize other areas in my life.

And so, I did!!

Obviously...I haven't been around here much.

I have still been following my fav blogs....reading, just not writing.

Been missin' ya'll. All is great here. The kids are good (praise the Lord), marriage is good (praise the Lord), I am good (praise the Lord).

And I am hoping you are good too!


Calling all prayer warriors...

Please pray for Ashley Adams.

Visit her blog to read her whole story, but in a nutshell she has had health problems since she was born. At one point she had organ(s) transplanted & now her body is rejecting them.

She has a beautiful family. They love the Lord & are remaining faithful during these trying times. Please lift them up in prayer.

And please pray for my sweet blog friend, Happy Mommy. Her Grandpa went to be with the Lord last week.




Last night I sat down to eat dinner with kids. I made hamburger steaks, that's southern for hamburgers without a bun! As I started eating my dinner, my oldest daughter asked why I did not put cheese on my 'hamburger steak'. I told her that it takes up too many of my points for the day.

Then my 3 year old chimes in with "Mommy has points for EVERYTHING she puts in her mouth!"

I asked how he knew that, it's not like I sat down & went over the plan with him.

He replied "That is what the lady at the meeting said."

Hmmm, nothing like having a personal assistant!


Watchin' my weight....

My mom and I decided we've had enough.

Enough to eat that is! Well, maybe more like enough trying to cram a big self into a small jean!

So, we joined Weight Watcher's yesterday. Muffin #6 came along with us and on the way there he was hungry. And when he is hungry the world will come to an end if he is not fed.immediately. With that, I hit the nearest grocery store to get him a donut (per his request...I aim to please.) This particular grocery store (Podunkville, TN mind you) did not have a fresh donut case. So, I bought him a bag of the small white powdery kind.....in which I.LOVE.

When we arrived at the meeting, he asked to take the bag of sin in with him. Think we would've been kicked out?!

But he gladly left them in the van & was a COMPLETE ANGEL while we were in there for 1 and a half hours! As my mom and I thanked the woman for the wonderful pep-talk, he made a dash for the door stating, "Yessss, time for the DONUTS!!"

Ummm, yeah. Busted already!


Mom and Me Meme...

Happy Mommy tagged me.....

First post a picture of you with your children

This is not the most recent picture I have of myself with the fam, but there are only a few to choose from since I am normally the one behind the camera!!

1. How many children do you have?
We have 6 all together!

2. What are their ages?
18, 16, 14, 10, 6, and 3

3. What time do you start your day?
My alarm is set for 5:30. There are mornings that I snooze a few times though!!

4. What do you eat for breakfast?
COFFEE. My kids eat cereal, toast, bagels, or cream of wheat on school mornings. On the weekends we usually have eggs, bacon/sausage, flapjacks (daddy's specialty), pancakes or french toast.

5. Do they watch TV?
Yes. The little muffins watch Curious George EVERY morning while getting ready. Though they dont get much done with their eyes glued to the TV. And then in the afternoon/evening they watch a lil' bit.

6. What are their favorite activities?
Playing outside-Jumping on the trampoline, riding their Powerwheels/bikes, 'training' the dogs (yes, they play dog trainers, it is WAY funny). And Muffin #5 plays with our chickens like they are baby dolls. Playing inside-playing 'house' (and the two littles call it playing Jon & Kate Plus 8!!) and playing school.

7. Do you get a break during the day for some you time?
When I put the kids to bed I have sometime to myself. But I am usually so tired that I can't keep my eyes open too much longer.....hence no blogging these days.

8. How do you end your day?
All the kids have a shower, then we read, and pray! And I try to read/blog if I have any energy.

9. What is your best parenting advice or tip?
Consistent parenting. Love, praise, and consequences. Just like the Lord! Now excuse me while I go repent. I feel like the only thing I've been doing consistently is yelling! Ugh.

Oh, and I am tagging...
The Maid
The Vestals
The Harrell's



'Fro Me to You..

I'm back.....again. Well, I wasn't entirely gone. I always lurk around. I just haven't been posting or commenting.

For this weeks 'Fro Me to You, I was looking at the pictures on my mom's computer and I found this one of my son and one of our dogs, Skipper.

You see, I DO NOT let the dogs sleep in my kids' beds. But this is right after we moved to Tennessee and we were still staying with my mom & step-dad while we were waiting to move into our house. The Muffin fell asleep on the couch and Skipper decided to get cozy right there with him!! BUSTED!

But, he knows he's at Grandma's house and she even spoils the dogs!!!

Scroll down to read about my latest win.....

Gettin' my bucket filled!!

Well, friends, life has been tough these days.

I have been trying to really soak up The Son and get through this. He is faithful.

And I've also had some great encouragement from friends & family.

Then, yesterday I was reading We are THAT Family (as I do everday!) and came across this wonderful book giveaway.
And....I am one of the winners!!
My first blog contest win!
I love the idea of 'filling eachother's buckets' and not being a 'bucket dipper'. I can not wait to use this as another way to teach my children the importance of being kind and loving, like Christ.

Needless to say winning has put a little something sweet in my bucket today!



Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...

Do you have tickets to the gun show?

Ha. Meet T. He's lil' brother to La-La. (My BF since 6th grade!)

This is from the early 90's when La-La and I were roomies in college! T was visiting us. Probably because we were cool. Like so cool that on friday nights we would go to a trampoline place and well... jump.for.hours! And I tried not to pee my pants. Notice I said tried. Anyway, after that we would come home and watch Beavis & Butthead. Okay, did I just admit that?! T was in high school. He was a wrestler. And his greatest worries were weighing in and pinning his next opponent.

Now he has far greater worries. Like protecting our country. Our freedom. And coming home from Irag to his wife and three sons. Yes, he is a soldier. Anytime I am in the midst of a pity party about being a trucker's wife, I think of his wife & their family. And the other soldiers with families too.

I am not sure what T will think of this silly picture, but I do know he & his family will covet your prayers for them.


For more blasts from the past click the 'Fro above!


Summer Fun Photo Contest

I am entering this picture of Muffin #5 in the Summer Fun Photo Contest here! Please be prayin'.....$500.00 Grand Prize!

True love....

Tonight while at dinner with my mom, A.K.A. Gram, my Muffin #5 told Gram that she loved her more than the whole world.

That was followed by Muffin #6 with "Gram, I love you more than the whole Wal-Mart!"

'Nough said.


Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...

Im BACK!! I took a break from SFMtY only because I was out of pictures that I wanted to use. My laptop has only more recent photos and I am having a problem getting almost 5 years of photos off my PC. But, I will persevere. I hope.

So, I trudged through our storage unit and found my box of pictures, plugged in my scanner and alas....a picture of my sister & I on my 5th birthday and my first day of school. *I am the smaller one!

Though I don't look overly thrilled (Kindergarten jitters!), this was one of the happiest times I can remember of my childhood. My parents were still married. My sister was still nice to me. My Grandma Alice took my sister & I school shopping and I loooooved my new shoes. My mom put my hair in rollers the night before. With my wavy hair, new dress, shoes & knee-highs...I felt purty.

For more Sincerely 'Fro Me to You fun, click the 'Fro above!


Whoever did it raise your wing...

Sunday afternoon Muffin #4 went out to tend to her chickens and found this.......

Just one sweet lil' egg. But cause for a big celebration!

We have found one other egg today. And are hoping that we will start finding a lot more real soon! Muffin is preparing for the 4-H county fair in a couple weeks. She will pick the 6 best & show them. Then they will be auctioned off. We are all very excited to see how well the judges think she has done. I will keep ya posted!


Some stuff....

Hmmm, it's been crazy around here. I can not believe that summer is almost over. We've been hitting the super cheap back to school sales. I got half a buggy (Another Tennessee term that just rolls off my tongue now! I can't help it, I almost feel freaky when I say 'grocery cart'. Plus grocery cart is just a mouth full. Try it....grocery cart vs. buggy. Not only that just, think of the looks you'll get in the Southwest using 'buggy'. Oh, I laugh just thinking of it.) full of supplies at Staples for a little over $8.oo.

Okay, let's see....oh, yeah. Cousin Muffin left last Friday. Boy, do I miss him. *sniff

And 'outta the mouth of my babe'.....My son came to me yesterday with a red stain all over his top lip after drinking a red juice drink. Not Kool-Aid, but something just as un-healthy. He said "Look mom, I have a mustang!" He, like his Poppa, obviously has cars on the brain!

Yesterday the kids & I picked blackberries with my country-bumpkin friend, Amy, and her family. It was a blast. The best part was making fresh jelly with them later. It is truly something that I hope to do again & again! I have pictures that I will share later. Very fun.

Just wanted to catch-up a bit. Hope this finds you well.


P.S. I did not win the quilt. Waaaaaaa...


You've gotta see this....

go to the Old Red Barn Co. and check out the gorgeous quilt she is giving away.

And then enter to win! There are a few different ways to enter....woo-hooo, I love it.

Hmmmm. Now where did I leave the video camera......


All I Want To Do.....

Let me start by saying that I worked ALL DAY trying to get a video on this post & I could.not. get.it.to.work. After yelling at Youtube, and then my lap-top and trying to publish 67 times, I decided that maybe the good Lord didn't want the video here or that I am blog-challenged. Or both!

With that, I have some news. Some of you may not know that my husband drives a semi-truck. Our semi-truck. We are small business owners.....but not for long.


  • ...is shout to the Heavens that the Lord has shown my husband the end of his trucking career.

  • ...is keep praying that the Lord would now guide my husband to the job He has chosen for him-to be home more, if not every night.

  • ....is seek His counsel during this time of transition. (Financially, etc.)

  • ....is bless my husband with a home-cooked meal EVERY night.

  • ...is rekindle our marriage, and have it the way God designed for it to be.

  • ...is be thankful that he & I both KNOW that it is His will for us both to raise our children together & not for myself to be so overwhelmed all.the.time.

  • ...is thank Happy Mommy for this one more bit of confirmation that our truckin' wheels were coming to a screeching halt! *My husband & I have been praying about this for quite sometime, and the Lord showed him a lot of answers this weekend. Yesterday we had a talk about all that the Lord had showed him and the changes that will take place. Then today I read this post and was moved to tears. I know that I know!

  • ...is love on my man!

Thank you for your prayers. Some of our IRL friends may know that this has been a long time coming. Naturally I have a lot of concerns for this whole transition, but I am trusting that it will all work out according to His perfect will. Even if it means giving up the whole king size bed to myself every night! ;O)


"Ummm, excuse me sir..."

As I was coming home this morning, I came around the corner on our road & discovered an older man walking out of the brush from the creek that runs along the front of our property.

Me: "Hey there. Can I help you?"

Old Man: "Uh, yeah. I'm trying to get my car."

Me: "Your car. IN THERE?!"

Old Man: "Yeah, we crashed."

Me: "We? Sir who is with you?"

Old Man: "My two grand daughters."

My heart sank.
Just about that time, I hear kids yelling my daughter's name from our front porch.

Me: Looking at the confused old guy "Are you okay?"

Old Man: "Yes. My granddaughters are up there trying to get help."

In a flash I drove up to my house & recognized the girls. They went to school with my daughters. They knew that was our house & were banging on our front door trying to get someone to answer for help. To make a very long story short....the girls & their grandpa were a little banged up. Thankfully they had their seatbelts on & walked away with only a few bruises.

Here is a picture of the accident scene. Thankfully they were able to get out. Otherwise I am sure that we would not have found them until we went to feed the chickens this evening. The car was literally nose down in the creek bed covered by the trees & brush. And could only be seen from the side of the creek next to the coop, especially since it was just feet from the coop!

Just as I was thinking that I needed to post something good to make up for my blogging hiatus, I get some action in my own front yard! Again, just thankful that everyone is doing okay.


Not a moment of peace....


As I was 'washin' that gray right outta my hair', my son decided that I was a prime target! Maybe because I couldn't run?!

Note: I bribed him to 'shoot' me again with a piece candy after I yelled for my daughter to bring me the camera. She didn't even ask why. As if she knew what it was for. The joys of a blogging family, huh?!


Just Another Meme...or two.

I was tagged by The Maid. So here is some more information about moi. Hope you're interested....
Please feel free to play along. Just let me know. I wanna read it!

When was the most recent time you were burned? Umm, honestly I can't remember. Which says nothing for my cooking skills, only I have a terrible memory!

Can you cook? Yes, I am good at following recipes. Most of the recipes that I make on a regular basis come from my step-mom. She CAN COOK! And bake too. She is the bomb. I am not good enough to just 'throw something together', like my husband is. Most of what I learned about cooking is from him. The only reason my mom has a kitchen in her house is because it came with one!

If yes, name your specialties: Chicken Fried Steak with smashed taters & gravy, and french toast! My family's favs.

Do you enjoy cooking? I like to cook for more than just three little ones. I like to FEED people. Wanna come over for supper tomorrow? I'll even make a jug of sweet tea too!

If no, do you want to be able to cook? I would love to have mad kitchen skills.

What color is your kitchen? A sage green color. It is one of the rooms that we have not painted since moving in! But I am thinking that I would like to change that real soon!

Do you bake? Yes

If yes, do you like to bake? I enjoy baking. And I would more if I had more space in my kitchen!

If no, do you want to bake? N/A

What color is your apron? The one I wear the most is red.


A. Attached or Single? Attached - Stud Muffin & I have been married for almost 12 years!

B. Best Friend? Jesus-I just need to remember that!

C. Cake or Pie? Cake...mmmm, I'm hungry!

D. Day of choice? Any day that Stud Muffin is home to relieve me of some 'responsibility'!!

E. Essential item? PAPER TOWELS. I panic if we get down to one roll in the house. Remember my germ phobia? Well we use paper towels at all sinks in the house. Yes, I could use prayer.

F. Favorite color? Navy Blue. I love to wear it.

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? Either, doesn't matter.

H. Home town? Fremont, CA

I. Favorite indulgence? Starbucks ;O)

J. January or July? January. I DO NOT like to sweat.

K. Kids? We have 6. We are a blended family. The 3 oldest Muffins are my step-daughters. And the lil' muffins are 'ours'. They are 17, 16, 14, 10, 6, 3.

L. Life isn't complete without? COFFEE

M. Marriage Date? November 17, 1996

N. Number of brothers and sisters? l have one bio-sister. And 2 step brothers & 2 step-sisters!

O. Oranges or Apples? Gala apples

P. Phobia's? Death. germs. germs. germs. I told you I could use some prayer.

Q. Quotes? "Make God's will the focus of your life day by day. If you seek to please Him and Him alone,you'll find yourself satisfied with life."~Kay Arthur

R. Reasons to smile? Salvation, unconditional love, hand sanitizer.

S. Season of choice? Fall. I love, love, love the colors here. After growing up in the desert, it's a real treat.

T. Tag 5 people. Consider yourself tagged!

U. Unknown fact about me? I have three boobs. Okay not really. Just wanted to know if you were still with me!!

V. Vegetable? Avocado, or is that a fruit. Regardless, I love 'em!

W. Worst Habit? YELLING. More prayer.

X. Xray or ultrasound? Neither...that would mean that I am in or near a hospital & I don't wanna be there!

Y. Your favorite food? Steak and baked potato. Just like The Maid. Hey let's go to Outback!?

Z. Zodiac sign? Who cares?!

Thanks for reading, now join in! And don't foget to let me know if you do!!



I was inspired by We are THAT Family to share another way to display the flowers/weeds given from the lil' ones. I too LOVE fresh flowers but as the owners of a semi-truck you know where my flower budget money is going, let's just say that I have learned to appreciate the finer weeds in life. And God has blessed me with some purty ones right outside our door.

Here is a wild flower picked just for me by Cousin Muffin, displayed in a syrup bottle from The Cracker Barrel. Visit your local Cracker Barrel and order a large stack of pancakes with extra syrup. Enjoy the cakes & stuff the bottles into your purse. When you get home take off the lid & ring thingy. Then spray the label with 'Goo Gone Spray Gel'. Use your finger nail to scape it off. Tell your husband your going to get a manicure to fix your nails after ruining them to work off the pesky labels. Just kiddin', the 'Goo Gone' makes it pretty easy to get the labels off. Send your little muffins in search of a flower/weed to display. And there you have it, another cute & economical way to show off the finer things from your yard.


Sincerely 'Fro Me to You-Baby boy....

Welcoming Muffin #6...

I was reminded of this time in my life by reading Kristen's Sincerely 'Fro Me to You. Though my trauma came from the fact that this lil' boy was going to leave for college someday. (Thank you raging hormones!)

At the very minute this picture was taken I was in a state of euphoria. We just had a son. He was healthy & content. Even nursed like a champ! (Must be a guy thing!?) Life was goooood.

After 5 girls, we called it quits. But God's plans were different. Thankfully. We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a boy & he was due Christmas day! What a gift. Everyone around us eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Buller Boy! I had an amazing shower, thanks to The Maid. It truly made me feel special & left me speechless.

Though it was not my first child, I experienced a lot of 'firsts'. First time I went into labor without being induced. First time I labored at home with a doula. (Thanks Shannon!) First time I was rushed to the hospital by my husband driving approximately 100 mph! The first time I got to triage and all the nurses scrambled to help me into a room, instead of looking at me as though they already new it was false labor! First time I experienced the 'ring of fire'....OUCH! The first time I was blessed with a son.

And most importantly, the first time that I truly felt God's Grace lavished upon me.

For more photos from the past visit 'We are THAT Family' by clicking the 'Fro above!



I've had family in town.
We had a big 75th surprise birthday party for my grandpa.
It was a hit.
Something occurred after the party in which I was the brunt of a certain family member's anger.
This family member has decided to apologize to everyone there but me.
I am deeply saddened.
I am hurt.
And I am searching for God's desire in all of this mess.
But more than anything I am glad that I can atleast choose my friends!


For my big Sis! Part #1

First I must clarify, by 'big' sister I mean older. I am bigger. I have been since she was a freshman in high school & I was in the 7th grade. And it was then that my older sister realized that I could kick her hiney! So there. Bigger is better. Oh whatever.

Anyway, I told you in a previous post that Cousin Muffin is here. Well, I decided that I should fill his parents in on some of the things we have been up to. Because....we have been busy!

The appropriate caption for this picture: "I can not believe I am getting ready to put my oldest son on a plane to fly across the country without me!"

Then on to Mississippi for a good 'ol game of cops-n-robbers. Apparently girls rule and boys drool. And watch out for 'Barney Fife' in the background.

Here they are at the Shiloh Battlefield Memorial. See I told you that I would take good care of him....feeding his brain. You can quiz him on it when he gets home. Just a little hint....I am sure that you ditched that day in history so you might want to brush up on your Civil War knowledge. Just sayin'.

I told you to watch out for Barney Fife. He aint messin' around. *Note: there is a slight possibility that your son will come home saying stuff like ain't, ya'll, and I want to have a chicken coop in my backyard just like my cousins do.

This here is the road to the Tennessee River where you & I swam when we visited as kids too!

This is a picture that I am hoping our children will cherish someday. In this picture are their great-great-great aunt & uncles. I find that amazing. What a blessing for them to meet eachother.

And the rest of the Mississippi trip consisted of joining Papa in searching for the resting place of some of our ancestors.

This concludes the first portion of the Super Summer '08. Here's a preview of what's to come...

And no, that is not a picture of my backside. I'm not that wrinkly!

Barbie Jeep VS. Peterbilt

Yeah..it's Sincerely 'Fro Me to You Thursday! For more click the 'Fro above!

It's okay, you can laugh...no children were hurt making this photograph!

Let me explain.

A few months ago I left the lil' muffins with Dad so I could go work for my mom.

While I was away he decided to move his equipment (Peterbilt truck). Thankfully he made sure that the kids were on the front porch before he did so, but he failed to check behind his truck. That is where the Barbie Jeep was left by our 6 year-old muffin. (She has that disease...ummmm, I think it's called something like icannotremembertoputanythingawayever!) And the Jeep lost, big time!

I am sorry to have been away and missed.the.drama. 'Oh yeah, and the Oscar goes to MUFFIN NUMBER FIVE.' Applause, applause!

The worst part was that it had recently rained a lot. And the ground was very soft. When he backed over the Jeep, it dug into the soft earth and then wedged in between the truck body & the tires! IT.WAS.STUCK. He did more damage to the Jeep getting it out then when he actually ran it over!

All is well at the Bull-er homestead. Dad has redeemed himself with #5, by bringing her home another one. It's not pink and it doesn't sing Barbie tunes on the radio, but it does transport her anywhere she wants to get to on our property, and best of all...it was free. (I trained him well, huh?!)



Last weekend, Stud Muffin (aka Daddy), took the Lil' Muffins fishing! A fun time was had by all.....
Here is Muffin #4, she is putting the worm on the hook ALL BY HERSELF. She is amazing. And you know that Mom was here, hence the container of anti-bacterial wipes close at hand!!

Here is Cousin Muffin. He is spending a good portion of his summer vacation with us. We are so excited that he is here and we have had a great time! Here he displaying his first catch ever! I told you they had fun!

This is Muffin #5! She caught a fish too! Ohhh, I just giggle when I see this picture! The silly grin on her face from her (big) new teeth growing in, the teeny fish on the line that she insisted on bringing home for a pet, and her pant leg hiked up with her muddy socks & shoes!

And here is Muffin #6 displaying how to eat a turkey sandwich. Well, his way of eating a turkey sandwich! He didn't fish much. It is hard to fish when your life is consumed with snacking ALL DAY! So yeah, he did what he does everyday just in a different location.

As for Daddy, he did catch a few himself. But for the most part he was keeping worms on the hooks and getting fishing line from the tree branches! I was able to get the lil' snacker to take a nap and that is the only thing that I caught....a lil' shut-eye! And it was wonderful!


Sincerely Fro Me to You...

Okay it's that time of the week.....And this time I'm just KEEPING.IT.REAL.
This is a picture that my daughter took of me last Christmas. I have contemplated sending this photo to the recycle bin many times. But didn't. So now I figured I'd post it on the WORLD WIDE WEB so the whole world could laugh at me, not just myself. Stupid I know. Anyway, while studying myself in this picture I realized a few things....
  • Losing 25 lbs. is NO LONGER an option.
  • And if I managed to lose any weight, would that take the sausage look from my fingers?
  • I am not the slightest bit photogenic.
  • I've lost count of my chins.
  • And what in the world am I trying to say?!

For more blasts from the past visit 'We are THAT Family' by clicking on the 'Fro below!


I forgot to mention....

Sorry peeps! I forgot to tell ya'll that the fam & I went to Mississippi for a family reunion! I will post pictures and such soon. I have been in the middle of NO-WHERE for 4 days! After going through serious withdrawls from not having a lick of internet access, I began to embrace it and enjoy some good ol' Southern Hospitality! One things for sure, I knew I was a southern girl down deep, and now I know why! And no Becky, it's not cuz I tend to my chickens barefoot while hollaring at my kids to get their hands outta the sewer...wink, wink!!



A lil' remodeling...

I wanted to share with you where I've been! It started Friday evening when my mom & step-dad came over to help me paint the hall bathroom and the laundry room. Here is a glimpse of what was in the bathroom before we started. I have lived with this U.G.L.Y blue paint and these lil' duckies for a year. I could not take it one more day.

*I am sorry if I offended anyone who does like this blue color. The picture actually does it justice! It did not look this good in real life! I promise.

Then after we removed the ducks, we found this....

A lil' stencil action from 1942, I'm sure!? All I can say is...TWO coats of primer!

Here is a snapshot of the new light fixture, the paint color is hard to tell.

I took a picture of the paint sample. Hopefully you can get a true idea of the color. It is so purty! It's the one on the left.

Here is the shower curtain that inspired this color. You see this is my kids bathroom & they are pretty much always dirty after being outside. So I wanted a dark colored curtain to hide any dirty paw prints from the kids grabbing it to get into the shower. I was tired of telling them to wash there hands before getting into the shower! I know, I know....just part of my OCD, okay?!

*I apologize for the quality of the picture. I am only a wanna-be photographer and could not figure out how to get the lighting right for you to see the true colors. But you get the idea! ...I hope ;O)

Anyway, after the bathroom we move onto the laundry room. It was not my favorite color either. Maybe that is why I could not get myself in there to tackle the laundry. Yeah, that's it. But now it is beautiful and I still have mounds of laundry! Ugh, oh well.

All that to say, after painting late into the night Friday, with a soccer game & baseball game Saturday, then church and Mother's Day lunch on Sunday....I am wiped out. Little by little everything is getting put back together!

I've missed it around here! I'm glad to be back.