I've had family in town.
We had a big 75th surprise birthday party for my grandpa.
It was a hit.
Something occurred after the party in which I was the brunt of a certain family member's anger.
This family member has decided to apologize to everyone there but me.
I am deeply saddened.
I am hurt.
And I am searching for God's desire in all of this mess.
But more than anything I am glad that I can atleast choose my friends!

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Happy Mommy said...

I will be your friend! And I linked you today in my WFMW post. I talked about chickens. Glad to see you back!

Becky said...

Even when you choose your friends, they can grieve you. Read my latest blog? Aren't you glad to know you aren't living here and it couldn't possibly be you?

The Maid