Last night I sat down to eat dinner with kids. I made hamburger steaks, that's southern for hamburgers without a bun! As I started eating my dinner, my oldest daughter asked why I did not put cheese on my 'hamburger steak'. I told her that it takes up too many of my points for the day.

Then my 3 year old chimes in with "Mommy has points for EVERYTHING she puts in her mouth!"

I asked how he knew that, it's not like I sat down & went over the plan with him.

He replied "That is what the lady at the meeting said."

Hmmm, nothing like having a personal assistant!


Watchin' my weight....

My mom and I decided we've had enough.

Enough to eat that is! Well, maybe more like enough trying to cram a big self into a small jean!

So, we joined Weight Watcher's yesterday. Muffin #6 came along with us and on the way there he was hungry. And when he is hungry the world will come to an end if he is not fed.immediately. With that, I hit the nearest grocery store to get him a donut (per his request...I aim to please.) This particular grocery store (Podunkville, TN mind you) did not have a fresh donut case. So, I bought him a bag of the small white powdery kind.....in which I.LOVE.

When we arrived at the meeting, he asked to take the bag of sin in with him. Think we would've been kicked out?!

But he gladly left them in the van & was a COMPLETE ANGEL while we were in there for 1 and a half hours! As my mom and I thanked the woman for the wonderful pep-talk, he made a dash for the door stating, "Yessss, time for the DONUTS!!"

Ummm, yeah. Busted already!


Mom and Me Meme...

Happy Mommy tagged me.....

First post a picture of you with your children

This is not the most recent picture I have of myself with the fam, but there are only a few to choose from since I am normally the one behind the camera!!

1. How many children do you have?
We have 6 all together!

2. What are their ages?
18, 16, 14, 10, 6, and 3

3. What time do you start your day?
My alarm is set for 5:30. There are mornings that I snooze a few times though!!

4. What do you eat for breakfast?
COFFEE. My kids eat cereal, toast, bagels, or cream of wheat on school mornings. On the weekends we usually have eggs, bacon/sausage, flapjacks (daddy's specialty), pancakes or french toast.

5. Do they watch TV?
Yes. The little muffins watch Curious George EVERY morning while getting ready. Though they dont get much done with their eyes glued to the TV. And then in the afternoon/evening they watch a lil' bit.

6. What are their favorite activities?
Playing outside-Jumping on the trampoline, riding their Powerwheels/bikes, 'training' the dogs (yes, they play dog trainers, it is WAY funny). And Muffin #5 plays with our chickens like they are baby dolls. Playing inside-playing 'house' (and the two littles call it playing Jon & Kate Plus 8!!) and playing school.

7. Do you get a break during the day for some you time?
When I put the kids to bed I have sometime to myself. But I am usually so tired that I can't keep my eyes open too much longer.....hence no blogging these days.

8. How do you end your day?
All the kids have a shower, then we read, and pray! And I try to read/blog if I have any energy.

9. What is your best parenting advice or tip?
Consistent parenting. Love, praise, and consequences. Just like the Lord! Now excuse me while I go repent. I feel like the only thing I've been doing consistently is yelling! Ugh.

Oh, and I am tagging...
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