Busy weekend...

This weekend included this Muffin's (#4) first soccer game, ever! Though her team lost, it was delightful to see her out there giving it her best. She could use some skills from Muffin #1 (who is the captain of her varsity soccer team this year...GO #1) but hey, atleast she is willing to try it, heh?!
Muffin #5's soccer game was cancelled because of the rain & is scheduled for this evening, but it is raining again today. We'll see.....
Off to get my muffins outta bed & ready for the day.



Please allow me to introduce some of the latest addditions to our "farm"!! They have been a lot easier than I expected, except for getting their temperature right!! But we even managed to accomplish that without too much trouble! Considering they are in a bin in my bathtub!! Okay, please don't judge me for that. I am a pretty neat freaky person! Muffin #4 cleans out the bin EVERY morning. And we keep the fan running. And I can always bleach the tub, right?!! Not that it really needs to be bleached because they are in a bin, but, well....when you come to visit and have to shoo 25 chickens out of the tub to take a shower...then you can judge!
Eggs Benedict anyone?!



living in California & Arizona for most of my life, we have been here for one year! WOW. Where did that year go? To be honest, I don't really care. Though we experienced some joyful moments, it was the worse of my life.
So with that I am pleased to welcome Spring! Ahhh, such a lovely time. You see, in Arizona, there are only 2 seasons Nice & Hot. Unfortunately, the Nice season only lasts about 3 months. And the Hot season the rest of the year!!
And this is also the first spring that we have been able to welcome baby animals into our lives! And oh we did it with a bang....ummm, 3 kittens and 25 chicks. No, that isnt a type-o. TWENTY FIVE. Muffin #4 is raising them for 4-H. Im thinking we're gonna have some fresh eggs!! That's all that Im looking forward to. Muffin #4 made her daddy promise that we would not be frying these lil' guys. Or gals, right?!!
Anyways, I am in the clean-out mode. I have a list 2 miles long of everything I want done! So, I better get goin'!
I will post pictures of our latest additions soon. But we have been frantically trying to get the "ticken toop" (according to Muffin #6) finished, that I am behind in everything else that needs to be done! Ugh.

Spring blessings to you.


Most of our muffins....

Meet the bunch! These are our muffins...#1, #3, #4, #5, #6. And yes, according to #6 they ARE our muffins. I called them another cutesy nickname the other day and his response was "I thought we were yer MUFFINTHS!" So that settles it.
Note: #2 was not on location for this photo shoot ;0)

One of my lil' muffins...

Okay, so I figured out how to post pictures! ...Thanks Happy Mommy ;O)
Now I can show off my (photoshop skills) oops, I mean cute kids!
This is muffin #5. Sweet aint she?!


Well, I've done it!

I can't believe it....
I have officially started a blog.
I hope you enjoy it.
I am excited to have a way to share a lil' bit of our busy life with you all.