Please allow me to introduce some of the latest addditions to our "farm"!! They have been a lot easier than I expected, except for getting their temperature right!! But we even managed to accomplish that without too much trouble! Considering they are in a bin in my bathtub!! Okay, please don't judge me for that. I am a pretty neat freaky person! Muffin #4 cleans out the bin EVERY morning. And we keep the fan running. And I can always bleach the tub, right?!! Not that it really needs to be bleached because they are in a bin, but, well....when you come to visit and have to shoo 25 chickens out of the tub to take a shower...then you can judge!
Eggs Benedict anyone?!

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Happy Mommy said...

I think the bath tub is a great place, but shoot, I have kids who roll naked in the mud if left unattended for more than 5 minutes and a child who prefers to put skittles up his nose rather than just eat them. So my opinion might not count.
When we move from our house we are going to have a small working farm and are really exited. What kind of amimal's do you have? Cute baby chicks!

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Ha-ha...when I read your story about the kids in the mud it reminded me of the time our 4 girls (all we had a the time!) did the same thing! We had just moved into a brand spanking new house in Arizona....which means no yard! It was June and the girls went out onto the back porch to play in the hose.....well, the hose made mud. That is when the real fun was discovered! And because it was so warm, I handed them a bottle of shampoo & let them clean-up in the hose too!!
We have five dogs, 1 cat with 3 kittens, and the chicks! We are wanting to get more "farm" animals, but in time! We figured it would be good for us to start with chickens then go from there!
Though we moved here from the city, my husband was raised on a self-sufficient ranch! Probably wont go that far, but it is nice to know someone around here has some knowledge about this life we are embarking upon!!

Anonymous said...
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E+T=M5 said...

Ahh sweet...it's like Peeper times 40!

Boyz 'R' US said...

Awww They are so cute.

Boyz 'R' US said...

Awww, I love your cute chicks

Anonymous said...

They are too cute! How fun! I am sure they are noisey too. A memory to never forget.
Love ya!Malinda