Well, I've done it!

I can't believe it....
I have officially started a blog.
I hope you enjoy it.
I am excited to have a way to share a lil' bit of our busy life with you all.


4 more bull:

Risser7 said...

WOW! I'm officially your first BLOGGER, or is that BULL-GER? Ha! What should we discuss? GRACE? Now there's a novel idea.

Happy Mommy said...

There you go! Add some pictures now and we can see what you look like cause I like to put a face with the stories. Have a blessed day. And go back over to Happy Mommy for my keep'n it real post!

A Quiver Full? said...

What ever do you mean? What have you done?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I will add you to my links so we can be "linked!" Linked all the way from Tenesse to Arizona...How fun! Your family is beautiful! Blogging is addicting...I find myself thinking...Oh, I need a picture of this so I can blog it....When can I blog this? LOL!