living in California & Arizona for most of my life, we have been here for one year! WOW. Where did that year go? To be honest, I don't really care. Though we experienced some joyful moments, it was the worse of my life.
So with that I am pleased to welcome Spring! Ahhh, such a lovely time. You see, in Arizona, there are only 2 seasons Nice & Hot. Unfortunately, the Nice season only lasts about 3 months. And the Hot season the rest of the year!!
And this is also the first spring that we have been able to welcome baby animals into our lives! And oh we did it with a bang....ummm, 3 kittens and 25 chicks. No, that isnt a type-o. TWENTY FIVE. Muffin #4 is raising them for 4-H. Im thinking we're gonna have some fresh eggs!! That's all that Im looking forward to. Muffin #4 made her daddy promise that we would not be frying these lil' guys. Or gals, right?!!
Anyways, I am in the clean-out mode. I have a list 2 miles long of everything I want done! So, I better get goin'!
I will post pictures of our latest additions soon. But we have been frantically trying to get the "ticken toop" (according to Muffin #6) finished, that I am behind in everything else that needs to be done! Ugh.

Spring blessings to you.

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Happy Mommy said...

WE want chickens! We tried to get some last week but the store sold all of them at 8am. So I think we are going to get a few older chickens already laying from a friend....