Sincerely Fro Me to You...

Okay it's that time of the week.....And this time I'm just KEEPING.IT.REAL.
This is a picture that my daughter took of me last Christmas. I have contemplated sending this photo to the recycle bin many times. But didn't. So now I figured I'd post it on the WORLD WIDE WEB so the whole world could laugh at me, not just myself. Stupid I know. Anyway, while studying myself in this picture I realized a few things....
  • Losing 25 lbs. is NO LONGER an option.
  • And if I managed to lose any weight, would that take the sausage look from my fingers?
  • I am not the slightest bit photogenic.
  • I've lost count of my chins.
  • And what in the world am I trying to say?!

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I forgot to mention....

Sorry peeps! I forgot to tell ya'll that the fam & I went to Mississippi for a family reunion! I will post pictures and such soon. I have been in the middle of NO-WHERE for 4 days! After going through serious withdrawls from not having a lick of internet access, I began to embrace it and enjoy some good ol' Southern Hospitality! One things for sure, I knew I was a southern girl down deep, and now I know why! And no Becky, it's not cuz I tend to my chickens barefoot while hollaring at my kids to get their hands outta the sewer...wink, wink!!



A lil' remodeling...

I wanted to share with you where I've been! It started Friday evening when my mom & step-dad came over to help me paint the hall bathroom and the laundry room. Here is a glimpse of what was in the bathroom before we started. I have lived with this U.G.L.Y blue paint and these lil' duckies for a year. I could not take it one more day.

*I am sorry if I offended anyone who does like this blue color. The picture actually does it justice! It did not look this good in real life! I promise.

Then after we removed the ducks, we found this....

A lil' stencil action from 1942, I'm sure!? All I can say is...TWO coats of primer!

Here is a snapshot of the new light fixture, the paint color is hard to tell.

I took a picture of the paint sample. Hopefully you can get a true idea of the color. It is so purty! It's the one on the left.

Here is the shower curtain that inspired this color. You see this is my kids bathroom & they are pretty much always dirty after being outside. So I wanted a dark colored curtain to hide any dirty paw prints from the kids grabbing it to get into the shower. I was tired of telling them to wash there hands before getting into the shower! I know, I know....just part of my OCD, okay?!

*I apologize for the quality of the picture. I am only a wanna-be photographer and could not figure out how to get the lighting right for you to see the true colors. But you get the idea! ...I hope ;O)

Anyway, after the bathroom we move onto the laundry room. It was not my favorite color either. Maybe that is why I could not get myself in there to tackle the laundry. Yeah, that's it. But now it is beautiful and I still have mounds of laundry! Ugh, oh well.

All that to say, after painting late into the night Friday, with a soccer game & baseball game Saturday, then church and Mother's Day lunch on Sunday....I am wiped out. Little by little everything is getting put back together!

I've missed it around here! I'm glad to be back.


Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...

Meet Alice.
She was one heck of a grandma.
She really new how to spoil her grandkids!
She is the only person who allowed me to suck my thumb whenever!
She could whip up some delicious biscuits & gravy.
She made the sweetest tea ever.
And she let us drink as much tea as we wanted!
She was so petite and drove the longest car I've ever seen.
She always had Avon cold-cream for her beautiful hands.
I loved taking the rollers out of her hair after she went to the beauty salon.
She always had Wonder Bread in her bread drawer...yum!
She would only put 3 inches of water in the tub so we wouldn't drown!
She insisted on cutting our bangs all the time & they were always crooked!
I would always lay on the opposite end of the couch and take naps with her....feet to feet.
She loved to play the same slot machine at the local casino!
Some of the best times at her house, as a child and an adult, were on the front porch.
Here she is sharing that memory with my oldest daughter, sweet tea & Grandma's love, on the front porch!
She is missed. very. much.
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Dear Mrs. Cardinal,

I stumbled upon your sweet home, cradling your lil' babies, this afternoon. I heard your warning as we approached, but I just wanted to show them to my little ones. I promise not to touch, we will only look and marvel at God's creation...

"So I tell you, don't worry about everyday life-whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn't life consist of more than food and clothing?
Look at the birds. They don't need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are."
Matthew 6:25-26


Sincerely 'Fro me to you...

I am participating in WE ARE THAT FAMILY'S blog carnival, Sincerely 'Fro me to you!
This is 'La-La' & myself in junior high. (That is not her real name, my oldest daughter gave her that name & that is who she is to our family! So much, that when I refer to her by her real name my kids don't know who I'm talking about!!)
La-La and I met in 1986, in the 6th grade! We were inseparable. We did just about everything together up until I got married in 1996. Including college, parties, and apartments! Even after we both got married and had our babies, we were able to witness the births of eachothers' children.
La-La has always found a way to give of herself, to her family, friends, and community. She is beautiful inside and out. She has always lived her life to the fullest. Striving to do her best in all things.
Now she is a wonderful wife & mommy. And I miss her like crazy. One thing I know 'fo sure....she is woven into my life so tightly, that no matter what she will always be my best friend.
*I am on the right with the 'wave' bangs!! I worked very hard each morning to achieve the height on those bad boys! Gotta love them 80's!?

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