My baby is almost.....

Oh, I can hardly say it. But he is almost FOUR.


Where did the time go?!

His birthday is on the 21st. And because he is, still three and doesn't know one day from the other, we celebrated his special day on Saturday while his daddy was home from work. The good Lord worked it out that he was able to come home under a load for the weekend and all that our little muffin knows is that his daddy was home for his birthday.

It was a wonderful day!

He loved this moster truck.

And yummy pizza! Just ask big sister!

Some sugary beverages. Yep, sweet tea!

A few presents!

Some cake with a wish or two!

This muffin doesn't care whose birthday it is....she just wants to party!

He has his game face on! Just like his daddy, he is very competitive!

Yes! He hit the jackpot. And really, we all did! I am so very grateful for this sweet boy. And this great day had by all!


Outta the mouth of my babe...

Muffin #6 wanted lunch. Knowing that my mom was on her way home from a doctors appointment I had him call her. This is how it went down....

Muffin #6: "Dam (Gram), will you peease bwing me home a chicken nugget happy meal?"

Gram: "Is this bribery?"

Muffin #6: "Noooo, this is Ch****TH!!" (His name-kept private, sorry. But ending with a serious lisp.) And I think that lisp is the cutest thing ever. I might not in ten years, but it melts my heart these days! The best is hearing him say "crunchy taco"!!