Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...

Im BACK!! I took a break from SFMtY only because I was out of pictures that I wanted to use. My laptop has only more recent photos and I am having a problem getting almost 5 years of photos off my PC. But, I will persevere. I hope.

So, I trudged through our storage unit and found my box of pictures, plugged in my scanner and alas....a picture of my sister & I on my 5th birthday and my first day of school. *I am the smaller one!

Though I don't look overly thrilled (Kindergarten jitters!), this was one of the happiest times I can remember of my childhood. My parents were still married. My sister was still nice to me. My Grandma Alice took my sister & I school shopping and I loooooved my new shoes. My mom put my hair in rollers the night before. With my wavy hair, new dress, shoes & knee-highs...I felt purty.

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Whoever did it raise your wing...

Sunday afternoon Muffin #4 went out to tend to her chickens and found this.......

Just one sweet lil' egg. But cause for a big celebration!

We have found one other egg today. And are hoping that we will start finding a lot more real soon! Muffin is preparing for the 4-H county fair in a couple weeks. She will pick the 6 best & show them. Then they will be auctioned off. We are all very excited to see how well the judges think she has done. I will keep ya posted!


Some stuff....

Hmmm, it's been crazy around here. I can not believe that summer is almost over. We've been hitting the super cheap back to school sales. I got half a buggy (Another Tennessee term that just rolls off my tongue now! I can't help it, I almost feel freaky when I say 'grocery cart'. Plus grocery cart is just a mouth full. Try it....grocery cart vs. buggy. Not only that just, think of the looks you'll get in the Southwest using 'buggy'. Oh, I laugh just thinking of it.) full of supplies at Staples for a little over $8.oo.

Okay, let's see....oh, yeah. Cousin Muffin left last Friday. Boy, do I miss him. *sniff

And 'outta the mouth of my babe'.....My son came to me yesterday with a red stain all over his top lip after drinking a red juice drink. Not Kool-Aid, but something just as un-healthy. He said "Look mom, I have a mustang!" He, like his Poppa, obviously has cars on the brain!

Yesterday the kids & I picked blackberries with my country-bumpkin friend, Amy, and her family. It was a blast. The best part was making fresh jelly with them later. It is truly something that I hope to do again & again! I have pictures that I will share later. Very fun.

Just wanted to catch-up a bit. Hope this finds you well.


P.S. I did not win the quilt. Waaaaaaa...


You've gotta see this....

go to the Old Red Barn Co. and check out the gorgeous quilt she is giving away.

And then enter to win! There are a few different ways to enter....woo-hooo, I love it.

Hmmmm. Now where did I leave the video camera......


All I Want To Do.....

Let me start by saying that I worked ALL DAY trying to get a video on this post & I could.not. get.it.to.work. After yelling at Youtube, and then my lap-top and trying to publish 67 times, I decided that maybe the good Lord didn't want the video here or that I am blog-challenged. Or both!

With that, I have some news. Some of you may not know that my husband drives a semi-truck. Our semi-truck. We are small business owners.....but not for long.


  • ...is shout to the Heavens that the Lord has shown my husband the end of his trucking career.

  • ...is keep praying that the Lord would now guide my husband to the job He has chosen for him-to be home more, if not every night.

  • ....is seek His counsel during this time of transition. (Financially, etc.)

  • ....is bless my husband with a home-cooked meal EVERY night.

  • ...is rekindle our marriage, and have it the way God designed for it to be.

  • ...is be thankful that he & I both KNOW that it is His will for us both to raise our children together & not for myself to be so overwhelmed all.the.time.

  • ...is thank Happy Mommy for this one more bit of confirmation that our truckin' wheels were coming to a screeching halt! *My husband & I have been praying about this for quite sometime, and the Lord showed him a lot of answers this weekend. Yesterday we had a talk about all that the Lord had showed him and the changes that will take place. Then today I read this post and was moved to tears. I know that I know!

  • ...is love on my man!

Thank you for your prayers. Some of our IRL friends may know that this has been a long time coming. Naturally I have a lot of concerns for this whole transition, but I am trusting that it will all work out according to His perfect will. Even if it means giving up the whole king size bed to myself every night! ;O)


"Ummm, excuse me sir..."

As I was coming home this morning, I came around the corner on our road & discovered an older man walking out of the brush from the creek that runs along the front of our property.

Me: "Hey there. Can I help you?"

Old Man: "Uh, yeah. I'm trying to get my car."

Me: "Your car. IN THERE?!"

Old Man: "Yeah, we crashed."

Me: "We? Sir who is with you?"

Old Man: "My two grand daughters."

My heart sank.
Just about that time, I hear kids yelling my daughter's name from our front porch.

Me: Looking at the confused old guy "Are you okay?"

Old Man: "Yes. My granddaughters are up there trying to get help."

In a flash I drove up to my house & recognized the girls. They went to school with my daughters. They knew that was our house & were banging on our front door trying to get someone to answer for help. To make a very long story short....the girls & their grandpa were a little banged up. Thankfully they had their seatbelts on & walked away with only a few bruises.

Here is a picture of the accident scene. Thankfully they were able to get out. Otherwise I am sure that we would not have found them until we went to feed the chickens this evening. The car was literally nose down in the creek bed covered by the trees & brush. And could only be seen from the side of the creek next to the coop, especially since it was just feet from the coop!

Just as I was thinking that I needed to post something good to make up for my blogging hiatus, I get some action in my own front yard! Again, just thankful that everyone is doing okay.