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Hmmm, it's been crazy around here. I can not believe that summer is almost over. We've been hitting the super cheap back to school sales. I got half a buggy (Another Tennessee term that just rolls off my tongue now! I can't help it, I almost feel freaky when I say 'grocery cart'. Plus grocery cart is just a mouth full. Try it....grocery cart vs. buggy. Not only that just, think of the looks you'll get in the Southwest using 'buggy'. Oh, I laugh just thinking of it.) full of supplies at Staples for a little over $8.oo.

Okay, let's see....oh, yeah. Cousin Muffin left last Friday. Boy, do I miss him. *sniff

And 'outta the mouth of my babe'.....My son came to me yesterday with a red stain all over his top lip after drinking a red juice drink. Not Kool-Aid, but something just as un-healthy. He said "Look mom, I have a mustang!" He, like his Poppa, obviously has cars on the brain!

Yesterday the kids & I picked blackberries with my country-bumpkin friend, Amy, and her family. It was a blast. The best part was making fresh jelly with them later. It is truly something that I hope to do again & again! I have pictures that I will share later. Very fun.

Just wanted to catch-up a bit. Hope this finds you well.


P.S. I did not win the quilt. Waaaaaaa...

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Happy Mommy said...

Have you made a blackberry cobbler? That is really good! I can't believe that summer is almost over, it might be that I am all most 30 and after that it's all a blur who knows. I hope things are going well with the job change and your husband being home.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE that you said "buggy." I grew up in GA with a mom from TN, and she always said "buggy." Now I've been trying to get my five-year-old in the habit of saying it too. I have gotten her in the habit of saying "y'all" when she tells friends goodbye. She yells, "Bye, y'all!" And now lots of her friends yell it too. I'm starting a Southern trend in the Midwest. Yay!
Thanks for reminding me that buggy is such a great word. :)