All I Want To Do.....

Let me start by saying that I worked ALL DAY trying to get a video on this post & I could.not. get.it.to.work. After yelling at Youtube, and then my lap-top and trying to publish 67 times, I decided that maybe the good Lord didn't want the video here or that I am blog-challenged. Or both!

With that, I have some news. Some of you may not know that my husband drives a semi-truck. Our semi-truck. We are small business owners.....but not for long.


  • ...is shout to the Heavens that the Lord has shown my husband the end of his trucking career.

  • ...is keep praying that the Lord would now guide my husband to the job He has chosen for him-to be home more, if not every night.

  • ....is seek His counsel during this time of transition. (Financially, etc.)

  • ....is bless my husband with a home-cooked meal EVERY night.

  • ...is rekindle our marriage, and have it the way God designed for it to be.

  • ...is be thankful that he & I both KNOW that it is His will for us both to raise our children together & not for myself to be so overwhelmed all.the.time.

  • ...is thank Happy Mommy for this one more bit of confirmation that our truckin' wheels were coming to a screeching halt! *My husband & I have been praying about this for quite sometime, and the Lord showed him a lot of answers this weekend. Yesterday we had a talk about all that the Lord had showed him and the changes that will take place. Then today I read this post and was moved to tears. I know that I know!

  • ...is love on my man!

Thank you for your prayers. Some of our IRL friends may know that this has been a long time coming. Naturally I have a lot of concerns for this whole transition, but I am trusting that it will all work out according to His perfect will. Even if it means giving up the whole king size bed to myself every night! ;O)

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Amy Beth said...

Wow!!! That's awesome! I love it when you see answered prayers and know it is from God. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Hey call me if you still want that strawberry bread recipe. Sorry!

Happy Mommy said...

HD and I have a passion for couples ministry and HD leads our small group at church, after his years of travel we know the importance of being together and the hurt of being apart. Kelly, HD traveling was the hardest thing in the world! I cried and yelled and stomped my feet alot! I finally let God show me where he needed us to be so we could all be together and I knew right then and there that no matter where we were in this whole world if we were together everyday it would be better than any house or car or amount of money we would ever have! And God has provided much more than we could ever have expected for the area we live in. And my marriage is so much better too, we always had a great relationship but 2 days a week just isn't enough for HD to be the husband and father God wanted him to be or for myself to be the wife I was created to be either. I will pray for you this will be such a blessing I just know it!

Becky said...

Home cooked meal every night.


Hey, I made tacos tonight and my hubby thought it was five star dining. I mean shredded cheese (not the bag kind), onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, meat, beans, and taco shells....it was a REAL dinner.

I'm so tired, I probably won't do it again for another 6 months.

The Maid
(I said maid, not cook)

PS - You have a king bed? We are in a queen and it sucks. We used to like it...it was cozy...now we are just to fat. LOL