'Fro Me to You..

I'm back.....again. Well, I wasn't entirely gone. I always lurk around. I just haven't been posting or commenting.

For this weeks 'Fro Me to You, I was looking at the pictures on my mom's computer and I found this one of my son and one of our dogs, Skipper.

You see, I DO NOT let the dogs sleep in my kids' beds. But this is right after we moved to Tennessee and we were still staying with my mom & step-dad while we were waiting to move into our house. The Muffin fell asleep on the couch and Skipper decided to get cozy right there with him!! BUSTED!

But, he knows he's at Grandma's house and she even spoils the dogs!!!

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Gettin' my bucket filled!!

Well, friends, life has been tough these days.

I have been trying to really soak up The Son and get through this. He is faithful.

And I've also had some great encouragement from friends & family.

Then, yesterday I was reading We are THAT Family (as I do everday!) and came across this wonderful book giveaway.
And....I am one of the winners!!
My first blog contest win!
I love the idea of 'filling eachother's buckets' and not being a 'bucket dipper'. I can not wait to use this as another way to teach my children the importance of being kind and loving, like Christ.

Needless to say winning has put a little something sweet in my bucket today!



Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...

Do you have tickets to the gun show?

Ha. Meet T. He's lil' brother to La-La. (My BF since 6th grade!)

This is from the early 90's when La-La and I were roomies in college! T was visiting us. Probably because we were cool. Like so cool that on friday nights we would go to a trampoline place and well... jump.for.hours! And I tried not to pee my pants. Notice I said tried. Anyway, after that we would come home and watch Beavis & Butthead. Okay, did I just admit that?! T was in high school. He was a wrestler. And his greatest worries were weighing in and pinning his next opponent.

Now he has far greater worries. Like protecting our country. Our freedom. And coming home from Irag to his wife and three sons. Yes, he is a soldier. Anytime I am in the midst of a pity party about being a trucker's wife, I think of his wife & their family. And the other soldiers with families too.

I am not sure what T will think of this silly picture, but I do know he & his family will covet your prayers for them.


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Summer Fun Photo Contest

I am entering this picture of Muffin #5 in the Summer Fun Photo Contest here! Please be prayin'.....$500.00 Grand Prize!

True love....

Tonight while at dinner with my mom, A.K.A. Gram, my Muffin #5 told Gram that she loved her more than the whole world.

That was followed by Muffin #6 with "Gram, I love you more than the whole Wal-Mart!"

'Nough said.