Gettin' my bucket filled!!

Well, friends, life has been tough these days.

I have been trying to really soak up The Son and get through this. He is faithful.

And I've also had some great encouragement from friends & family.

Then, yesterday I was reading We are THAT Family (as I do everday!) and came across this wonderful book giveaway.
And....I am one of the winners!!
My first blog contest win!
I love the idea of 'filling eachother's buckets' and not being a 'bucket dipper'. I can not wait to use this as another way to teach my children the importance of being kind and loving, like Christ.

Needless to say winning has put a little something sweet in my bucket today!


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We are THAT Family said...

I'm so glad this added a little something to your bucket! We all have days/weeks where we feel empty. Thankfully, you and I can go to The Source!