A lil' remodeling...

I wanted to share with you where I've been! It started Friday evening when my mom & step-dad came over to help me paint the hall bathroom and the laundry room. Here is a glimpse of what was in the bathroom before we started. I have lived with this U.G.L.Y blue paint and these lil' duckies for a year. I could not take it one more day.

*I am sorry if I offended anyone who does like this blue color. The picture actually does it justice! It did not look this good in real life! I promise.

Then after we removed the ducks, we found this....

A lil' stencil action from 1942, I'm sure!? All I can say is...TWO coats of primer!

Here is a snapshot of the new light fixture, the paint color is hard to tell.

I took a picture of the paint sample. Hopefully you can get a true idea of the color. It is so purty! It's the one on the left.

Here is the shower curtain that inspired this color. You see this is my kids bathroom & they are pretty much always dirty after being outside. So I wanted a dark colored curtain to hide any dirty paw prints from the kids grabbing it to get into the shower. I was tired of telling them to wash there hands before getting into the shower! I know, I know....just part of my OCD, okay?!

*I apologize for the quality of the picture. I am only a wanna-be photographer and could not figure out how to get the lighting right for you to see the true colors. But you get the idea! ...I hope ;O)

Anyway, after the bathroom we move onto the laundry room. It was not my favorite color either. Maybe that is why I could not get myself in there to tackle the laundry. Yeah, that's it. But now it is beautiful and I still have mounds of laundry! Ugh, oh well.

All that to say, after painting late into the night Friday, with a soccer game & baseball game Saturday, then church and Mother's Day lunch on Sunday....I am wiped out. Little by little everything is getting put back together!

I've missed it around here! I'm glad to be back.

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Happy Mommy said...

I love remodeling! I told you all last month I would show pictures of the boys newly decorated bedroom and I forgot...

Becky said...

Admit it, you took your time on this project because you love the paint fumes. :)

Okay, and the picture with the light fixture looked brown...then I see that it was light blue.

My eyes are playin' tricks on me. Maybe I need to go with Happy Mommy to the eye doctor!

Good to hear from you Buller.

We are THAT Family said...

It looks good! Yeah, I'm with you on the blue and duckies!

Becky said...

Hello.....where are you?????????????

Happy Mommy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I clicked over and you have posted a picture of yourself! You are very pretty! I am so glad I finally have a picture of my internet friend in my mind!
Lovely photo with your little muffins~!

E+T=M5 said...

Wish I was there to see it all. Where's the laundry room? Can't wait to visit and stay with you all. Love you girl!