Last night I sat down to eat dinner with kids. I made hamburger steaks, that's southern for hamburgers without a bun! As I started eating my dinner, my oldest daughter asked why I did not put cheese on my 'hamburger steak'. I told her that it takes up too many of my points for the day.

Then my 3 year old chimes in with "Mommy has points for EVERYTHING she puts in her mouth!"

I asked how he knew that, it's not like I sat down & went over the plan with him.

He replied "That is what the lady at the meeting said."

Hmmm, nothing like having a personal assistant!

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Amy Beth said...

by the way, I love your new design! I was just thinking that Mary had great success (she has lost over 40 pounds in the last year) with a green tea fatburner from costco. she takes a few about 30 mins before each meal and they suppress her appetite as well as heat up your metabolism.

Loraine said...

your photos are beautiful...

just wanted you to know that I stopped by and admired... :-)

Boyz 'R' US said...

your son is a cutie.. Very cute and funny that he remembered what was shared at the meeting..

Becky said...

Oh don't go gettin' all skinny on me...skinny and Tennessee don't go together do they? Especially if you have teeth.


I have the distinct pleasure of watching everything on my pregnant body swell up for at least 4 more weeks...ugh.

I'm so over being chubby (okay, fat) that I can't even stand it.

I hate those darn naturally thin people who can't gain a pound if they want to...jerks.

But if the last shall be first and the first shall be last when we get to heaven, does that mean the fat shall be thin?

Better thin for eternity than fat for a dash on earth!

Love ya,
The Maid

PS - Don't forget: Everything in moderation including moderation...sometimes you just have to do it up big!

Happy Mommy said...

Girl we make hamburger steaks cooked in BBQ sauce thats good too! and yes everything has points! How is it going? If you want to talk WW we can email...

Jill Scott said...

I've really been thinking about Weight Watcher's a lot. The only thing that's holding me back is that I KNOW what I'm supposed to be doing and I KNOW how to lose weight, I just don't FEEL like doing it. Pathetic, I know. I'm so unmotivated that I'm using my little chin-up challenge to motivate me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and a big THANK YOU for putting my blog button on your blog. I'm glad you de-lurked today. :)