Watchin' my weight....

My mom and I decided we've had enough.

Enough to eat that is! Well, maybe more like enough trying to cram a big self into a small jean!

So, we joined Weight Watcher's yesterday. Muffin #6 came along with us and on the way there he was hungry. And when he is hungry the world will come to an end if he is not fed.immediately. With that, I hit the nearest grocery store to get him a donut (per his request...I aim to please.) This particular grocery store (Podunkville, TN mind you) did not have a fresh donut case. So, I bought him a bag of the small white powdery kind.....in which I.LOVE.

When we arrived at the meeting, he asked to take the bag of sin in with him. Think we would've been kicked out?!

But he gladly left them in the van & was a COMPLETE ANGEL while we were in there for 1 and a half hours! As my mom and I thanked the woman for the wonderful pep-talk, he made a dash for the door stating, "Yessss, time for the DONUTS!!"

Ummm, yeah. Busted already!

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Jim said...

That's funny. Thanks for sharing that story. And good luck with Weight Watchers.

Amy Beth said...

Go for it! Eat lots of salad and fruit. Love you!!!!

Happy Mommy said...

I love Weight Watchers and it works! I am such proof of that! i still need to lose about 15 pounds but am still very happy with the weight I have lost!