Not a moment of peace....


As I was 'washin' that gray right outta my hair', my son decided that I was a prime target! Maybe because I couldn't run?!

Note: I bribed him to 'shoot' me again with a piece candy after I yelled for my daughter to bring me the camera. She didn't even ask why. As if she knew what it was for. The joys of a blogging family, huh?!

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Happy Mommy said...

I love how we never have any ALONE time as a mommy! No really I hate being by myself, but I would like to be able to shut the bathroom door from time to time.

Becky said...

Why is it that they feel the need to "sit on your lap" when you are, uh hum, on the toilet?

Seriously has happened to me.

Too bad it was the 15 year old.


The Maid
(Really, it was the baby...okay?)

Anonymous said...

at least you know you are missed! Hugs and kisses!