Last weekend, Stud Muffin (aka Daddy), took the Lil' Muffins fishing! A fun time was had by all.....
Here is Muffin #4, she is putting the worm on the hook ALL BY HERSELF. She is amazing. And you know that Mom was here, hence the container of anti-bacterial wipes close at hand!!

Here is Cousin Muffin. He is spending a good portion of his summer vacation with us. We are so excited that he is here and we have had a great time! Here he displaying his first catch ever! I told you they had fun!

This is Muffin #5! She caught a fish too! Ohhh, I just giggle when I see this picture! The silly grin on her face from her (big) new teeth growing in, the teeny fish on the line that she insisted on bringing home for a pet, and her pant leg hiked up with her muddy socks & shoes!

And here is Muffin #6 displaying how to eat a turkey sandwich. Well, his way of eating a turkey sandwich! He didn't fish much. It is hard to fish when your life is consumed with snacking ALL DAY! So yeah, he did what he does everyday just in a different location.

As for Daddy, he did catch a few himself. But for the most part he was keeping worms on the hooks and getting fishing line from the tree branches! I was able to get the lil' snacker to take a nap and that is the only thing that I caught....a lil' shut-eye! And it was wonderful!

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Happy Mommy said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun fishing! We went fishing on the beach last week but only caught one fish. I am glad to be back!

Becky said...


I can barely put a piece of corn on a hook..it is slimey too.

:) It's about time you are blogging again. Geesh.

The Maid
(Missed ya)
And what's the deal with Thirsty pretzel?