I was inspired by We are THAT Family to share another way to display the flowers/weeds given from the lil' ones. I too LOVE fresh flowers but as the owners of a semi-truck you know where my flower budget money is going, let's just say that I have learned to appreciate the finer weeds in life. And God has blessed me with some purty ones right outside our door.

Here is a wild flower picked just for me by Cousin Muffin, displayed in a syrup bottle from The Cracker Barrel. Visit your local Cracker Barrel and order a large stack of pancakes with extra syrup. Enjoy the cakes & stuff the bottles into your purse. When you get home take off the lid & ring thingy. Then spray the label with 'Goo Gone Spray Gel'. Use your finger nail to scape it off. Tell your husband your going to get a manicure to fix your nails after ruining them to work off the pesky labels. Just kiddin', the 'Goo Gone' makes it pretty easy to get the labels off. Send your little muffins in search of a flower/weed to display. And there you have it, another cute & economical way to show off the finer things from your yard.

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The Apron Queen said...

Your button is correctly placed & linked! Thank you! Send me an e-mail at jmlsdi3 at yahoo dot com with your BLOG NAME and mailing address to receive your vintage apron! Lisa

Happy Mommy said...

I love it! And I always take the little bottles from the Cracker Barrel, I even order extra so I can take one of those cute bottles home.

Becky said...

What could I display from my yard?

Oh yeah, the neighbors dog poop.


And rocks...and maybe a giant spider.

Desert dwelling is the pits.

The Maid

We are THAT Family said...

What a great idea! I'm so ordering pancakes the next time I go. And sweet tea. (As if I needed to mention that).

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That is a great idea.

The tip on goof off on skin is a good one too. I was actually more concerned about getting the marker off my monitor, I figure it'll wear off her skin (although I'm sure I'll have to deal w/ comments from the MIL). Which is reason enough to try the Goof off.

I love your profile pic--It's beautiful!

I love the Cracker Barrel. Yum. I so want one of their rockers. And a front porch to rock it on.