For my big Sis! Part #1

First I must clarify, by 'big' sister I mean older. I am bigger. I have been since she was a freshman in high school & I was in the 7th grade. And it was then that my older sister realized that I could kick her hiney! So there. Bigger is better. Oh whatever.

Anyway, I told you in a previous post that Cousin Muffin is here. Well, I decided that I should fill his parents in on some of the things we have been up to. Because....we have been busy!

The appropriate caption for this picture: "I can not believe I am getting ready to put my oldest son on a plane to fly across the country without me!"

Then on to Mississippi for a good 'ol game of cops-n-robbers. Apparently girls rule and boys drool. And watch out for 'Barney Fife' in the background.

Here they are at the Shiloh Battlefield Memorial. See I told you that I would take good care of him....feeding his brain. You can quiz him on it when he gets home. Just a little hint....I am sure that you ditched that day in history so you might want to brush up on your Civil War knowledge. Just sayin'.

I told you to watch out for Barney Fife. He aint messin' around. *Note: there is a slight possibility that your son will come home saying stuff like ain't, ya'll, and I want to have a chicken coop in my backyard just like my cousins do.

This here is the road to the Tennessee River where you & I swam when we visited as kids too!

This is a picture that I am hoping our children will cherish someday. In this picture are their great-great-great aunt & uncles. I find that amazing. What a blessing for them to meet eachother.

And the rest of the Mississippi trip consisted of joining Papa in searching for the resting place of some of our ancestors.

This concludes the first portion of the Super Summer '08. Here's a preview of what's to come...

And no, that is not a picture of my backside. I'm not that wrinkly!

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jennifer said...

Hey! How did you get that picture of me?

I love photos with multi generations. That is a gem.

Looks like the kiddos are all having a good time.


Anonymous said...

Oh and they WILL cherish that picture one day. It's wonderful.

We are THAT Family said...

How fun. You have already done so much! Aren't cousins just grand? My kids live near two of theirs and it's so special!

Becky said...

wow...sounds like a hootin' hollerin' good time. (Is that what they say back there in Pigeon Forge or duck bend or whatever the place is that you live?)


The Maid

Happy Mommy said...

You have been having all kinds of fun!

Happy Mommy said...

Are you on vacation? We miss you! Talk to us for pete's sake!!!!