A lil'contest & some info. about me....

Happy Mommy tagged me with this today!
Following is a list of 6 things about me.
All are true but one.
Leave me some blog love letting me know which one you think is NOT true!
I will choose a winner from the correct answers Sunday morning 9:00 EST.
Then I will send the winner some farm fresh eggs.
Okay, just kiddin'. But hey I'm sure PW started small too, heh?!
Anyway, how 'bout some flip-flops? Seriously, I love them. Don't you?!
And they will be specially picked for you by me. Even better.
(And no I'm not cheap, just on a budget. You can appreciate that though can't ya?!)
Okay here we go....
1. My husband & I married in the drive-thru in Vegas.
2. I wash & vaccum my van once a week.
3. I once drove a Baja Bug.
4. I like to watch 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight'.
5. I sucked my thumb until I was 9.
6. I've hit a deer.
I'm tagging. .....

7 more bull:

Anonymous said...

I am guessing it's the one about washing and vacumbing your van once a week..No offense....you looks like a clean person...but it's not the funnest job in the world and I'm sure you find plenty of other things to entertain your sweet self.

AmyBeth said...

Man I just want to be right!!! But I don't know, they all sound like you. I can totally picture you driving a cute little bug :)
I know how you feel about dirt so the van thing is out. I'm going to guess the deer.

Happy Mommy said...

I will guess that you do not vacuum or wash you van once a week...
I don't even find time to get the trash out of the van once a week and I have half the kids you do, so thats my guess, and I love flip flops!

Happy Mommy said...

You did great with the link thing!

Happy Mommy said...

Oh my, I just tryed you links and it didn't work. You have to delete the first http:// and then add the address... It takes some work to figure out all the technical stuff, I blogged for a 9 months before I figured it out. You can do it!

Becky said...

No fair! I didn't even know this was going on! I quit...if I can't win, I don't wanna play. LOL

Hey, I wouldn't have known the answer anyway...oh, wait...I do vaguely remember being on a date with you guys and your dear hubby calling you a car slob.

:) Thanks for the shout out on your blog....when I figure out the link thing, I will set up a blogroll of my own!

Oh, and tell Malinda hello! :)

Becky, the maid.

E+T=M5 said...

Duh, that's easy, but you need to give more time, cause I just don't check blogs that often...I'm a busy Momma!
Anyway...of course you don't wash your car weekly...duh, duh, duh! You are just too much like me.

Love ya...T