My niece.

I have been blessed with another niece.

She is Andersen (Andie) Grace Paulus and is in need of prayer.

Please visit her blog here for her story.

May you be blessed.



Be my Valentine?!

I know, I know......it seems as though I have fallen off the earth.
Well, I didn't.
Aren't you glad?! *wink

I am back to share something really sweet with you.

I follow this blog.

Jill is amazing. She is very talented and I ADORE her creativity. And how she organizes...I can only dream!

She is funny, humble and kind.

The best part....she SHARES. How kind is that?!

Please go & see for yourself.

And right now she is having a Valentine's giveaway! I am going to enter with these pictures of my muffins!

I am so excited about Jill's giveaway. I hope that I win!



My baby is almost.....

Oh, I can hardly say it. But he is almost FOUR.


Where did the time go?!

His birthday is on the 21st. And because he is, still three and doesn't know one day from the other, we celebrated his special day on Saturday while his daddy was home from work. The good Lord worked it out that he was able to come home under a load for the weekend and all that our little muffin knows is that his daddy was home for his birthday.

It was a wonderful day!

He loved this moster truck.

And yummy pizza! Just ask big sister!

Some sugary beverages. Yep, sweet tea!

A few presents!

Some cake with a wish or two!

This muffin doesn't care whose birthday it is....she just wants to party!

He has his game face on! Just like his daddy, he is very competitive!

Yes! He hit the jackpot. And really, we all did! I am so very grateful for this sweet boy. And this great day had by all!


Outta the mouth of my babe...

Muffin #6 wanted lunch. Knowing that my mom was on her way home from a doctors appointment I had him call her. This is how it went down....

Muffin #6: "Dam (Gram), will you peease bwing me home a chicken nugget happy meal?"

Gram: "Is this bribery?"

Muffin #6: "Noooo, this is Ch****TH!!" (His name-kept private, sorry. But ending with a serious lisp.) And I think that lisp is the cutest thing ever. I might not in ten years, but it melts my heart these days! The best is hearing him say "crunchy taco"!!


Some hype.....

Thanks to MckMama, I have something to blog about!

Not that I have a completely boring and uneventful life, I just haven't been in the mood to poor out my heart. But like I said before, I still read my favorites. And MckMama is one of them! She loves Jesus, her husband, and her kids. She is also an amazing writer & photographer too! She has recently witnessed a miracle when The Lord healed her newborn son.

All that to say, she is having a 'Fryday Contest'.
And I am being obedient and doing as she says! (Surprised, I'm sure!) Well, I need a new header for my blog, so I wanna WIN! But go and check her out for yourself.

You will be blessed.


Fall blessings.

I have taken ANOTHER blog break.

I felt as though I needed to prioritize other areas in my life.

And so, I did!!

Obviously...I haven't been around here much.

I have still been following my fav blogs....reading, just not writing.

Been missin' ya'll. All is great here. The kids are good (praise the Lord), marriage is good (praise the Lord), I am good (praise the Lord).

And I am hoping you are good too!


Calling all prayer warriors...

Please pray for Ashley Adams.

Visit her blog to read her whole story, but in a nutshell she has had health problems since she was born. At one point she had organ(s) transplanted & now her body is rejecting them.

She has a beautiful family. They love the Lord & are remaining faithful during these trying times. Please lift them up in prayer.

And please pray for my sweet blog friend, Happy Mommy. Her Grandpa went to be with the Lord last week.