Be my Valentine?!

I know, I know......it seems as though I have fallen off the earth.
Well, I didn't.
Aren't you glad?! *wink

I am back to share something really sweet with you.

I follow this blog.

Jill is amazing. She is very talented and I ADORE her creativity. And how she organizes...I can only dream!

She is funny, humble and kind.

The best part....she SHARES. How kind is that?!

Please go & see for yourself.

And right now she is having a Valentine's giveaway! I am going to enter with these pictures of my muffins!

I am so excited about Jill's giveaway. I hope that I win!


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Controlling My Chaos said...

Thanks for entering! If you win, do you not want your kids' names on the valentines? If you're concerned about having their names on my blog, I could post the invites without the names, but e-mail the JPEGs with the names to you for privacy. My e-mail address is jillderbeast@cableone.net

kassy's life said...

My class loved them too!
They were a hit...
will do next year.
Thanks MOM.