Some hype.....

Thanks to MckMama, I have something to blog about!

Not that I have a completely boring and uneventful life, I just haven't been in the mood to poor out my heart. But like I said before, I still read my favorites. And MckMama is one of them! She loves Jesus, her husband, and her kids. She is also an amazing writer & photographer too! She has recently witnessed a miracle when The Lord healed her newborn son.

All that to say, she is having a 'Fryday Contest'.
And I am being obedient and doing as she says! (Surprised, I'm sure!) Well, I need a new header for my blog, so I wanna WIN! But go and check her out for yourself.

You will be blessed.

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bunchofbull-ers! said...
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Boyz 'R' US said...

Hi Kell, Just wanted to let you know you have been tagged.. Check out our blog....OXOXOX Kami